All other on-premises Kubernetes clusters

You can deploy Portworx on your internet-capable Kubernetes cluster using either the Operator or using the DaemonSet.

The Portworx Operator provides you with a way to manage the complete Portworx deployment on Kubernetes. Previously in Kubernetes, Portworx was deployed as a DaemonSet. The Operator confers advantages over a DaemonSet-based installation, by deploying and managing the complete lifecycle of Portworx pods.

In addition to deploying the Portworx pods, the Operator also deploys other components in the Portworx stack:

  • Stork
  • Autopilot
  • CSI
  • Monitoring

The Operator introduces a CRD, called “StorageCluster”, which specifies the configuration with which the Portworx cluster is deployed. You can use the StorageCluster spec to enable and disable the components mentioned above in the StorageCluster object. The StorageCluster object is a Kubernetes representation of the Portworx cluster.

Last edited: Tuesday, May 9, 2023