Install Portworx on Kubernetes using Rancher

This guide provides instructions for installing Portworx on Kubernetes using Rancher with a Helm chart.

NOTE: Currently, Portworx does not support the RancherOS distro.


  • You must have a Kubernetes cluster imported into Rancher
  • Your cluster must meet the requirements for installing a Portworx cluster

Install Portworx on Kubernetes using Rancher

Perform the following steps to install Portworx from your Rancher UI:

  1. From your Cluster Dashboard, click App in the left pane to open the Charts page:

    Rancher Dashboard

  2. Search for the Portworx catalog and select the Portworx card on the Charts page:

    Search Portworx

  3. Choose the latest version from the Chart Versions list and then click the Install button in the upper-right corner to start the Helm chart form:

    Install Portworx

  4. Choose the kube-system namespace from the drop-down list and click Next:

    Portworx Namespace

  5. Populate the various sections of the Edit Options of the Helm chart form:

    • In the Key value store parameters section, choose Built-in option for the Select ETCD filed.

    • In the Storage Parameters section, specify whether your cluster is located on-prem or on a cloud provider, and choose your disk configuration:


    • Do not change the Portworx version in the Portworx version to be deployed field of Advanced parameters. Advance parameters

  6. Click the Install button in the bottom-right corner to deploy Portworx.

    Once the installation is completed, the Portworx status will be shown as Deployed.


Once you have a running Portworx installation, below sections are useful.

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