Upgrade Portworx on IBM Cloud via Helm

This page provides instructions on how to upgrade Portworx on IBM Cloud using Helm.


Upgrade Portworx

  1. Add the ibm-px repository to your local Helm repository:

      helm repo add ibm-px https://raw.githubusercontent.com/portworx/ibm-helm/master/repo/stable
  2. Verify that the repository has been successfully added:

      helm repo list
      NAME    URL 
      ibm-px  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/portworx/ibm-helm/master/repo/stable
  3. Download the latest Portworx Helm chart version from the ibm-px repository to your local repository:

      helm repo update
      Hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories......
      Successfully got an update from the "ibm-px" chart repository update Complete. 
      ⎈ Happy Helming!⎈
  4. Run the following command to get the namespace where Portworx is deployed. You will need this in the next step:

      helm ls
      NAME        NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                             STATUS      CHART             APP VERSION
      portworx    default     1           2023-04-13 03:55:43.649969545 +0000 UTC   deployed    portworx-1.0.44    2.13.0

    In the above example, the Portworx Helm chart is deployed in the default namespace and the current version of Portworx Helm chart running on your IKS or OCP cluster is portworx-1.0.44.

  5. Save the parameters of the currently running Portworx catalog to the values.yaml file using the following command. Replace the px-namespace with the namespace obtained in the previous step:

      helm get values portworx -n <px-namespace> > /tmp/values.yaml
  6. Find the latest Portworx Versions, then add them to the respective fields in the /tmp/values.yaml file:

    • imageVersion: add the latest Portworx version
    • storkVersion: add the latest Stork version
  7. Apply the edited YAML file to install the latest Portworx Helm chart:

      helm upgrade portworx -f /tmp/values.yaml ibm-px/portworx
      Release "portworx" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
      NAME: portworx
      LAST DEPLOYED: Thu Apr 13 09:48:59 2023
      NAMESPACE: default
      STATUS: deployed
      REVISION: 2
      Your Release is named "portworx"
      Portworx Pods should be running on each node in your cluster.

    Once the Portworx Helm chart has been successfully applied, you will see the details of your deployment.

  8. Verify that Portworx Helm chart version has been updated. You should see that it has been updated from portworx-1.0.44 to portworx-1.0.46.

      helm ls
      NAME        NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                             STATUS      CHART       APP VERSION
      portworx    default           2     2023-04-13 09:48:59.58672 +0530 IST       deployed    portworx-1.0.46   2.13.2

Last edited: Tuesday, May 9, 2023