Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade storageCluster environment variables

This section provides configuration details for setting FlashArray and FlashBlade environment variables in the StorageCluster object. All fields are objects under the spec.env[] list:

    value: "true"
Name Value Type Default
PURE_DEFAULT_ENABLE_FB_NFS_SNAPSHOT Determines whether the .snapshot directory is enabled on FlashBlade filesystems or not. enumerated string: true or false "true"
PURE_ISCSI_LOGIN_TIMEOUT Login timeout in seconds string "20"
PURE_ISCSI_ALLOWED_CIDRS Use this in cases where the FlashArray has additional network interfaces not on your own subnet. Use commas as the separator, e.g., An empty string means all enabled iSCSI interfaces will be connected to. string "" (empty string)
flasharray-iscsi-allowed-ifaces Allowed iSCSI interfaces that can be used to connect to FlashArrays. Empty means all interfaces are allowed. Values must appear in output of the iscsiadm -m iface command string all

Last edited: Friday, Jul 7, 2023