• Kubernetes Clusters: At least two Kubernetes clusters which are part of the same metropolitan area network with a maximum network latency of 10 ms between them.
  • For a new installation, meet the minimum prerequisites.
  • Version: A single Operator version 1.10.0, Portworx cluster of version 2.11 or newer, and Stork version 2.12.0 or newer on both the clusters.
  • Network Connectivity: Kubernetes API End Point: Port 6443, 443, or 8443 should be reachable. Check with your Kubernetes administrator for the respective ports.
  • External KVDB: An external KVDB etcd setup outside the Kubernetes clusters. For more information, see Install ETCD.
  • License: A DR enabled Portworx Enterprise license on both the source and destination clusters.
  • Witness node requirements: Licensed, 4 cores minimum, 8 cores recommended, 4 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended. The witness node can be a storage or storageless node. Also, ensure that Docker engine is installed.
  • Cloud Environment:
NOTE: Cloud drives are not supported in the Synchronous DR deployment.

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