Install the Portworx Operator

Before you can install Portworx on your OpenShift cluster, you must first install the Portworx Operator. Perform the following steps to prepare your OpenShift cluster by installing the Operator.


  • Your cluster must be running OpenShift 4 or higher.
  • You must have an OpenShift cluster deployed on infrastructure meeting the minimum requirements for Portworx.
  • Ensure that any underlying nodes used for Portworx in OCP have Secure Boot disabled.

Install the Portworx Operator

  1. Navigate to the OperatorHub tab of your OpenShift cluster admin page:

    Portworx catalog

  2. Select the kube-system project from the project dropdown. This defines the namespace in which the Operator will be deployed:

    Portworx project callout

  3. Search for and select either the Portworx Enterprise or Portworx Essentials Operator:

    select Portworx Enterprise

  4. Select Install to install the Certified Portworx Operator:

    Portworx Operator

The Portworx Operator begins to install and takes you to the Installed Operators page. From there, you can deploy Portworx onto your cluster.

Last edited: Tuesday, May 9, 2023