• Secret Store: Secret store is configured on both clusters. This will store the credentials for the objectstore.
  • Network Connectivity:
    • Portworx: Port 9001 on the destination cluster should be reachable from the source cluster. For OpenShift, port 17001 should be reachable.
    • Kubernetes API End Point: Port 6443, 443, or 8443 should be reachable. Check with your Kubernetes administrator for the respective ports.
  • Stork: Configured on your source and destination clusters.
  • Version: The same version of Portworx is installed on the source and destination clusters.
  • Default Storage Class: Only one default storage class is configured. Having multiple default storage classes will cause PVC migrations to fail.
  • License: A DR enabled Portworx license on both the source and destination clusters.
  • Objectstore: An AWS s3 compatible, AWS s3, GCE Object Storage, or Azure Blob Storage.
  • Cloud Environment:

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