Activate license on an air-gapped cluster using Cluster UUID

  1. Get your Cluster UUID and contact Portworx. The Cluster UUID information is available via pxctl cluster list command.

    pxctl cluster list
    Cluster UUID: f987ad4b-987c-4e7e-a8bd-788c89cc40f1
    Status: OK [...]
  2. Upon supplying the Cluster UUID, you receive your license file. Upload this file on one of the Portworx nodes, and activate the license by running the following command:

    pxctl license add license_file.bin


  • The license installation is a non-obtrusive process, which does not interfere with the data stored on the Portworx volumes, nor interrupts the active IO operations.

  • If you’re running Portworx on an air-gapped cluster that has no outbound connectivity, refer to this page for enabling pay-as-go billing.

  • Once you enable a pay-as-you-go license on an air-gapped cluster with no outbound connectivity, you currently can’t switch to any other license.

Last edited: Tuesday, May 9, 2023