Asynchronous Disaster Recovery (DR)

With asynchronous DR, you can replicate Kubernetes applications and their data between two Kubernetes clusters. Here, a separate Portworx Enterprise cluster runs under each Kubernetes cluster.

  • The source Kubernetes cluster asynchronously backs up apps, configuration and data to the destination Kubernetes cluster.
  • Incremental changes from Kubernetes applications and Portworx data are continuously sent to the destination cluster.
  • In case the source cluster becomes unavailable, you can activate the applications in the destination cluster.

You can find a list of supported Kubernetes resources in the Supported Kubernetes article.

Follow the instructions in the following sections in order to set up an asynchronous DR for your cluster.

NOTE: The following sections require specifying a <namespace>. In your environment, update this to the namespace where Portworx is installed. Typically, Portworx is installed in either the kube-system or portworx namespace.

Last edited: Tuesday, May 9, 2023