Scale or Restrict


Portworx is deployed as a DaemonSet. Therefore it automatically scales as you grow your Kubernetes cluster. There are no additional requirements to install Portworx on the new nodes in your Kubernetes cluster.

Restricting Portworx to certain nodes

Choose either of the below options based on current state of Portworx in the cluster.

Portworx is not yet deployed in your cluster

To restrict Portworx to run on only a subset of nodes in the Kubernetes cluster, we can use the px/enabled Kubernetes label on the minion nodes you do not wish to install Portworx on.

Below are examples to prevent Portworx from installing and starting on minion2 and minion5 nodes.

kubectl label nodes minion2 minion5 px/enabled=false --overwrite

Portworx has already been deployed in your cluster

If Portworx is already deployed in your cluster, follow Decommission a Portworx node in Kubernetes to decommision Portworx from your cluster.

Last edited: Tuesday, May 9, 2023