Advanced installation parameters

With Portworx, you can specify additional parameters at installation.

Specify the RAID level for local storage

Portworx supports two RAID level configurations for local storage: RAID 0, and RAID 10.

Follow these steps to specify the RAID level Portworx should use at installation.

  1. Use the steps from the Generate the specs section to generate a Kubernetes manifest.

  2. Download the manifest and use the args section of the Portworx DaemonSet to specify the RAID level.

    • The following example specifies RAID 0:

      ["-k", "etcd:", "-c", "kockica-11", "-d", "eth1", "-m", "eth1", "-s", "/dev/sdb", "-secret_type", "k8s", "-raid", "0",  
      "-x", "kubernetes"]
    Note: All other arguments, apart from the ones that specify the RAID level, are examples. Be sure to use values that match your environment.
    • The following example specifies RAID 10:

      ["-k", "etcd:", "-c", "kockica-11", "-d", "eth1", "-m", "eth1", "-s", "/dev/sdb", "-secret_type", "k8s", "-raid", "10",  
      "-x", "kubernetes"]
  3. Continue with the steps from the Apply the specs section.

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