Portworx Essentials license

Portworx Essentials is a free Portworx license with limited functionality that allows you to run small production or proof-of-concept workloads. Essentials limits capacity and advanced features, but otherwise functions the same way as the fully-featured Portworx Enterprise version of Portworx.

The Portworx Essentials license requires that your clusters be connected to the internet and send usage data to PX-Central. Portworx Essentials clusters connect with PX-Central once per hour to renew license leases. Lease periods last for 24 hours, ensuring that any temporary interruptions to your connectivity do not impact your cluster.

To get started with Portworx Essentials , sign up and generate a spec on PX-Central. Licenses for Essentials are generated automatically and activate when your cluster connects to PX-Central.

Portworx Essentials available features and limitations

The following tables list what features Portworx Essentials includes and any limitations it may have:

Portworx Essentials

Feature Included
Maximum Portworx Essentials licenses per user 1
Maximum clusters per Portworx Essentials license 1
Maximum nodes per cluster 5
Host type included VMs and bare metal servers
Number of attached volumes per node maximum 30
Host storage capacity limits 1TB per host
Cluster storage capacity limits 5TB per cluster
Online support Forum access
Telemetry requirement (install/operate) Users must have telemetry enabled in order to use Portworx Essentials .
Licensing Users must have a Portworx Essentials license (available for free at PX-Central)
Note: The storage value you set at the time of deployment cannot be expanded until you activate the trial/enterprise license.


Feature Included
Container-optimized volumes with elastic scaling (no application downtime) Included
Maximum number of volumes per cluster 200
Maximum volume size 1TB
Storage performance tiers (high, medium, low) Included
Application-aware I/O tuning Included
Read/Write many across multiple containers Included
Failover across nodes, racks, and availability zones Included
Form storage pools from aggregated volumes across hosts Included
Synchronous Replication Included
Volume Consistency Groups Included

Data Management

Feature Included
PX-Migrate: Migrate volumes and Kubernetes applications across clusters. Not included
Snapshots of stateful applications Limited to 5 snapshots per volume
Cloudsnap backups to cloud storage Limited to 1 cloudsnap per day per volume
Auto-scaling groups (ASG), including AWS, GCP, Azure. Included


Feature Included
Cluster management UI Single user, single cluster
Proactive centralized monitoring Included
Cluster management CLI Included
PX-Central on-premises with license server Not included

Advanced Functionality

Feature Included
Encryption with bring-your-own-encryption Limited to cluster-wide encryption
Disaster Recovery for campus and WAN deployments Not included
Capacity Management with Autopilot Not included


Feature Included
Scheduler integration: Kubernetes, Openshift Included
Integration with Managed K8S services: EKS, AKS, GKE, PKS, IKS, RKE Included

Portworx CSI for FlashArray and FlashBlade license

If you’re using Portworx with FlashBlade or FlashArray, you have access to an enhanced version of the Portworx Essentials license. Portworx enables this license when it detects the presence of the pure.json secret and at least one valid set of credentials.

Feature Included
Maximum number of nodes No limit
Number of volumes per cluster maximum 200 (does not include direct access volumes)
Volume capacity [TB] maximum 40
Node disk capacity extension yes
Number of snapshots per volume maximum 5
Number of attached volumes per node maximum 128
Storage aggregation no (feature upgrade needed)
Shared volumes yes
Volume sets yes
Limit BYOK encryption to cluster-wide secrets yes
Resize volumes on demand yes
Snapshot to object store [CloudSnap] yes
Number of CloudSnaps daily per volume maximum 1
Cluster-level migration [Kube-motion/Data Migration] no (feature upgrade needed)
Disaster Recovery [PX-DR] no (feature upgrade needed)
Autopilot Capacity Management no (feature upgrade needed)
Bare-metal hosts yes
Virtual machine hosts yes

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